Hello, and welcome to my website! I’m Elizabeth Bushouse, a freelance Japanese-to-English video game translator.
Check out the Work page to find a list of games and other projects that I’ve been involved in, as well as some translation samples.

Under Comparisons, you’ll find a list of hobby projects where I compare the Japanese and English scripts of games.
I started these projects as a way to better understand different translation techniques and to deepen my appreciation for some of my favorite games by really digging into their text and narratives. I’ve written them mostly with Japanese speakers or budding translators in mind, but have also done my best to make them accessible to people who don’t understand Japanese. To that end, I sometimes include “rough” translations to help readers better grasp the basic structure of the Japanese. Please note that these translations are not intended to sound like polished writing nor are they meant to reflect negatively on the official translations. Furthermore, all analyses are purely personal and not in affiliation with any employer.

Finally, the Resources page is where you’ll find a handy list of the Japanese-English game scripts I’ve compiled, as well as links to various translation theory articles I’ve used in my projects, or other websites that may be of interest to translators.