Zelda: Link’s Awakening Script Comparison

In celebration of #InternationalTranslationDay 2019, I made an experimental series of threads examining Link’s Awakening, a game that meant a lot to me as a kid. And now here it is in article form, slightly expanded! It’s mostly bits of trivia, looking at small differences between the Japanese and English, as well as the GB/C and Switch versions. So if that’s your thing, you’re in the right place!

Allow me to note, as I always do, that my rough translations and comparisons are for educational purposes and not at all meant to reflect negatively on the official English translation, which was magnificently done in this case.

Speaking of which, the English text is brought to us by:
Gameboy (English Script) – Dan Owsen
Switch (NOA Localization) – Sam AbouHarb, Billy Carroll, Marjolaine Drouin, Raymond Elliget, Dutch Hixenbaugh, Ryan Kelley, Nich Maragos, Galia Rodríguez Hornedo, Yanett Valor

Remember to credit your translators! #namethetranslator

The English in the recent Switch remake appears to be based on a mix of both the GB and GBC translations, with minor edits on some lines.

There have been a number of stylistic updates between the E GB/C and E Switch versions:
Okay > OK
Sigh… > *sigh*
Gasp! > *gasp*
Wha-What’s > Wha-what’s
Reduced ellipses
You’ve got the > You got the
Hearts > hearts (many “Game Terms” have been de-capitalized)

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